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Card Game UPDATE

Posted by Ketyri - November 28th, 2021

Web based game is going decently. I got some graphics going on it actually. It’s still nowhere near playable nor have I actually designed the game itself outside of the rules. However, you can have fun with the barebones UI RIGHT NOW if you want! Go visit my dev server at https://discord.gg/DdUjR4kg4S and give it a check out if you like! I’m happy to take any suggestions and help you wanna hand out as well. I’m gonna use React for the project I think. The final goal is a online web based card game you can play against other people with, similar to https://dominion.games which actually is where these template cards come from!

Ive been coding less than two months and I’m excited for what’s coming up!





Swag, keep up the good work


I remember you mentioning this project earlier, sounds like you're making great progress. Can't wait to see a later version on the mobile market :p

There is a mobile game I love playing by Sarah Northway called Rebuild 3, the first two games were free to play on Newgrounds. The progress she made on that series was cool to see. If you do get to a point where the game feels more fleshed out you could scrape together a small dev team to replace those template card images? You already got plenty of music, would be cool to see a later beta version with some of your tunes in it. Are you communicating with other developers at all? Where are you finding resources and data? Regardless of networking and resources, keep doing this project Ketyri. It looks like it's off to a great start :D

Mobile market? I don't know if I'm doing that yet. If I am it'll be last of all lol. I don't know that it will contain music either. I'm not really communicating with anybody at all. I'm doing most of this myself, with some help or general advice from a couple of friends when I hit a snag. Mostly I'm just watching tutorials on YouTube, googling shit and planning things out before I do them.

Down the line I'll probably have someone(s) doing the official art for the cards and UI and stuff. I wouldn't mind having a team working with me now but I have no money and I'm working on it on and off. Lol

You don't have to pay a "dev team" up front. Classic Newgrounds collaboration, find some people that are on the same page as you and toss ideas around. Once you make more progress you can offer to split eventual revenue from game sales. Some artists might want to be paid up front if they don't want to get involved in a larger project. I know this kind of stuff would happen way down the road but it's just something to think about long term. I doubt developers for projects like Minecraft and Stardew expected anything big from their games. I'm just tossing up ideas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thinking way ahead, you could try reaching out to someone like Krinkles and making a madness themed card game. In the spirit of Newgrounds you could pick a holiday like robot day or Pico day and try getting a beta version of something on one of those informal deadlines. I know it's premature to think about this kind of stuff but I'm just brainstorming. Good luck with the learnings <3

I already know my card game theme. I think Larry is already doing something like that.

Any idea on the art aspect yet? I'd love to help on that regard if possible (And if you are interested, of course)

I don't know what any of the card names would be yet because I haven't actually designed anything outside of the rules yet, I'd need that to know what I'd need for art

@Ketyri Then I'll just keep an eye on the development. This looks very promising :)