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Techno Beatles meets uh... something. But I like it!

I laughed, I actually also took inspiration from Hanz Zimmer and did the sameish ticking clock sound but made something completely different. I'm going to upload it now since you reminded me.

The mixing proportions are all off though. None of the volumes sound right. They're all so quiet. None of them are screaming. That organ at 1:42 brings tears to my eyes though. 1:55 is like 2 seconds of that BOOMING LOUD I WANT. But you could do even MORE my STARCHILD. MORE MORE MORE >:) BRING IN THE HORNS. BRING IN THE SWELLING STRINGS. It's possible I promise.

2:28 is so deflating though. It just drops the mood entirely. Ugh.

This is by far your best track so far. Yeah yeah I'm a whore for beautiful ambience. I know.

There's such a huge discrepancy between the frontpage and the upload date, what the heck happened. Whatever it was, damn son they made a good choice.

larrynachos responds:

Jan 23rd is pixel day, but I uploaded the track in august.

thx bb

That orchestral is too quiet. You're building up this BIG sound and then it just, it's flat. :'( And then no dynamics makes it sound like Kevin MacLeod. When you do make orchestral again, you GOTTA USE Automation man. It'll SAVE YOUR LIFE trust me. It'll elevate this piece so fucking much. It's honestly the missing piece, this song could reach the heavens just with that alone.

Also damn song dat ORGAN

The RETURN of the Aqua Synth. I hear it. You can't lie to me.

I really really like just about everything about this song. The 1:37 part is great. I sort of wish it was closer to the center while it was doing it's solo thing. Not dead on center, just panned closer y'know. 2:08 is another fantastic breather part.

I don't think the drum really fits with this song, but ignoring that if you're going to add a drum add more instruments too.

I really like the song, but it needs DYNAMICS which means your dreaded foe Automation says hello.

larrynachos responds:

I thought automation was your foe lol

I love reverb as much as the next guy, but there's just not enough dry signal. I can't make anything out for the first 45 seconds. I love the YOU PISSED OFF THE ELDER GODS sound with the Saw Sliding Against Guitar String sound but I can't make out any of it because it's all DROWNING in reverb. It's absolutely soaked and no you can't claim it's the rain.

I wish the ending part was longer. It sounded like it was going somewhere and then it slows down just as quickly. :'(

Son I am disappoint

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