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I do agree this is your best work so far that I've come across, but I am noticing the same sorts of problems. (This sounds more like a Rune Forest than the last track btw.) I will say try to incorporate more melodies, counter melodies, etc. Perhaps you're just going for an ambient sound here. You'd still want to introduce things that don't make the listener bored.

So far your greatest strength is the atonal sounds you create. You're not afraid to make things discordant and I appreciate that a lot. I will say though, this doesn't really feel like a Rune Forest.

What software are you using?

Zxentric responds:

Sorry, with my earlier songs I didnt really know how to aim for what I was doing and I still suck at it

You're going to need multiple string samples. The parts with the fast moving notes (staccato) you'd use that. In addition you will want to mess with with Velocity, you will also want to make notes sometimes not be perfectly in time so it sounds more natural. I would recommend investing in a MIDI Keyboard if you don't have one already, it makes this process a lot easier and playing piano is a really useful skill.

I really like the feeling of despair in this track. I would like to see a build up, adding more instruments and perhaps a new section.

Sounds like it's in a funnel, and I think it's secretly the vocaloid that is causing that.

This honestly feels like it would be in a game, just needs like more transitions and parts to it, but honestly sounds like a KHII track.

4.5 stars instead of 5 because you failed math and quadratics >:(

I just had this on and didn't even really think about it which is a good indication that it's pretty nice. The mixing issues are slowly evaporating. The JOURNEY of Larrynachos continues.

Where's the DEPRESSION. There's not enough angst! >:(

I really liked that noise whoosh at 1:02, I like the return of the vocaloid.

Loved the beginning. And then the mixing of early years showed itself :'( Wow it's like a hurricane. It's a shame too because I like the synths and stuff

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