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I really like this song, really pleasant mixing and melodies. However I have one thing to point out: In the empty part around 16 seconds and also 50 seconds, the pump hits a little too hard. A good fix to make it more consistent with the more full parts is to automate that section. Maybe you want that effect, but I think it's a bit too strong.

Vista-Sound13 responds:

You have a great point, I hear that beginning hitting too hard, kind of like excessive bass boost. Thanks for reviewing and listening though, appreciated!

I really like this song, my biggest concern though is you don't want your audio to be bricking like that. You notice the audiowave is crammed up right to the edge? That is generally bad practice and is an indicator of overcompression. It probably doesn't matter as much here since it's all chip sounds.

tiyumusic responds:

alright, thanks for the helpful review! i'll try to avoid that on future projects!

This song is overcompressed. I hear everything ducking over each other. The song is too busy and balanced. You don't want balance at all, paradoxically enough. Nothing stands out as a lead, and as such the entire piece has no center and is painful to listen to.

My recommendation is to allow the song to breathe, compare your song here to professionally made ones. Listen to where some instruments take priority over others. I like the ambitiousness of the song, but there's still quite a lot of things to work on here.

The pads sound uninspired but I fucking LOVE that growling bass.

larrynachos responds:

I think there's a note in the pad that shouldn't be, and that ruined it for some people. When I put the pad in, it was for the bit at 2:00, then I just kinda sprinkled it around the other sections of the song

The whole song is uninspired tbh, it's hot rushed garbage but thanks for the review!


larrynachos responds:


Other than this not sounding at all like the title of the song, this has a melody that paints on top of the superior production techniques you possess.

larrynachos responds:

How doesn't it sound like the title of the song? Do you expect a soley somber piece or something? Storms are beautiful things that I find aesthetically pleasing. Doesn't the ambient breakdown at the end sound at all like the atmosphere outside just after it finishes raining in the afternoon/evening? Just a little bit of sun creeping through the clouds as they move on, depleted.

The song is strong in every way, but it's missing something central to it. It needs a melody to it.

larrynachos responds:

Idk I feel like I nailed this song, usually my lead melodies take up too much of the spotlight, with this one I was going for more of an atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by seprix!

Thank you. Praise be to God.

Phonometrologist responds:

Thanks for listening

I like that you included all the tech you used in the side. Helps a lot in copying you. Anyways, long time fan of yours, you're a pretty big inspiration.

DesoloZ responds:

I'm flattered I didn't think people like this style of music i made to be honest

Not as good as the remake, but I am happy to hear this!

I make stuff so you can do it better

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