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BRO. This track sounds like it's being squeezed out of a ketchup jar but that it's an aesthetic choice and not a poor mixing decision. I fucking love this shit.

I just had this in the background and that I couldn't even tell this was a Newgrounds song and not some video game OST playing is a really fucking good sign.

I don't think this mix is as bad as Quarl is putting it. It's just a couple of course corrections away from being completely fine. The mids are a bit cluttered, there's couple of panning issues where it sounds lopsided and it's nice to have a song sounding like it's playing in a room typically. The compression is a little too much. Some instruments are just a tad too loud and there could be some moments where you automate the volume so it works in all areas.

The track is unfinished, but it's like one or two drafts away from completely finishing imo.

This is more of a soundtest, the SCREAM and the sound effects are top fucking notch though, although the beat itself is really bleh

larrynachos responds:

you are very bleh this beat slaps u in the dick

I was about to laugh again about the shotgun and arby's horns but then the sci-fi lead hit and it started going into overdrive and now I'm scared for my life

Sadly the feeling of being lost gets... disappeared in the chipper dance vibes which is too bad because everything about this track is otherwise pretty great. Love the wet percussion.

we have the meats

This sounds straight out of fucking Furi. The opening was top tier and phenomenal. The parts at 1:08 actually sound like a soundtrack. It sounds like it's a movie which is really interesting to me. The dissonance is really really great. The only potential pointers is the lull before 1:08 started to get a bit dry, it needed more instruments even if it was subtle. I also think it's possible when it kicks into high gear that it sounds like it's gotten a lot more intense. Like I'd have swapped the ending and the part where it kicks back into it.

Cacola responds:

im pretty sure this song was basically unfinished lol, i really wanted to build off of the part i wrote with the strings and harmonica synth into a more, anthemic and dramatic build to a final section, sadly i was stuck in the most hellish of writers black for all of 2017 and couldnt find it in me to finish this one. its a shame cause i still really love that breakdown lol.
I should return to this sound, world needs more western space opera synthwave

Sonic took a dip in some Arabian oil. I just wish the kick was a bit stronger, and the instruments also just sound less full than they could be? But just for the creative sound design alone I really dig this. at 1:46 I wish it went right back to normal speed, it felt fitting.

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