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Demonic and glitched out. Very interesting sound, maybe the drums could be a bit more clear, specifically the snare. This is definitely not for seniors. They should put on some McCartney instead. Also LOL at the Pikachu death sound from Melee and Cpt. Falcon's side smash

Quarl responds:

I've been sampling Captain Falcon karate noises for over a decade but you may be the first person to stop and say "lol, that's captain falcon." I can officially retire him now and switch to Luigi noises ಥᴗಥ

I need to chop and layer some new drum samples, will keep you in mind the next track I have the time for. Its not often I get told to work on my drums but I take that kind of feedback seriously <3

This is one of your best tracks to date and it seems to have gotten less coverage which is weird. I hate it when that happens. I love the reverbed synths, they're a tiny bit hot but not offensively so and it works. I only wish around 1:30 there was a counter melody adding a second little thing to listen to instead of it just basically repeating.

A good maxim in songwriting is to change at least two things every time it starts feeling like it could go stale to keep the ears fresh. One thing isn't enough by itself, and three might be too much or it might work, two is usually the safe number.

Guitar too raw and loud, it needs to be buried in the mix a little bit with some reverb. That would REALLY sell this piece. I could see making the case for the vocals being more reverbed too to give it a really dreamy sound but definitely fix that guitar.

Never seen Naruto

that drum is weaaaaaaaaak :( really the entire mix sounds like flat soda. The kit around 1:20 is cool though, but it sounds like it'd be on a faster track than this as some sort of breakbeat thing.

Yeah, it's an attempt and they all can't be winners, this track really suffers from not having a focus on one particular thing, whether that's the beat or a melody which isn't really present. It's just all kind of there. It's an instructive track and it's not obvious why it sounds bad at first.

It doesn't really scream Final Conflict as much as Early Game Elite Fight but I really do like this track's start. :)

The middle part is ultra empty, the guitar doesn't really fit with it and it's too loud whereas the horns are too quiet.

Now we're onto the next part. Now it sounds more like a final conflict. I get some fucking snake screaming LIQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDD vibes from it lol, again it's a tiny bit empty, it's almost there but just needs that counter-melody.

The voice is mixed weird, I think it needs more reverb too.

Hey that's my sample, this is really wild wtf.

lol that post drop is really antithetical AND THE GUN COCK LMFAO

Really cool, really chill.

I have no idea what Nexus is but I assume it's the voice, so I googled Nexus Voice and all I got was stuff about diabetes and honestly that sounds about right

larrynachos responds:


"famous composer" for the acclaimed certified Newgrounds hit game Sky Panda, writing music one song at a time.
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